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Thread: CrosshairV-Z FX.9590 Rocking

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    CrosshairV-Z FX.9590 Rocking


    Mr. Bill thank you my good buddy for helping me yesterday with bios-drivers-all updates when I thought my MB was going down, possibly to the grave yard .......yesterday was not my day.
    everything is back to life, its running like a real CHV-Z FX9590 again
    Last edited by eagle101; 10-13-2018 at 10:25 AM.
    Thanks Eagle101
    CrossHairV-Z 9590 cpu-OC
    SSD Ocz RevoDrive3 X2 Raid0 PciE
    -51c Cpu SS Phase.Change Cooling
    Msi 290X Lightning oc
    1600 Watts P2 Evga Platinum
    G.SKILL Trident X Cas7 1600Mhz
    Dell U2410 24" IPS

    5.1 Sound Pro-Klipsch



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