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    Quick Question

    I am in the process of moving to a new house and I am also building a new PC (8700K/1080ti) system. I am going to wait until I move into my new house to build it as I already have all the parts.

    The only the thing is should I at least install that 1080ti in my current system or will I be CPU bottlenecked (as I probably already am)

    Currenntly running an 3770K at 3.9 Ghz with 16 GB RAM @ 1866 Mhz and a ASUS PG279Q 1440P 165 Hz Monitor with G-Sync

    I am running a GIGABYTE 1080 currently and usually play at 1440P ultra no AA with G sync 165 Hz
    Most games give me 70-100 fps except for a few really demanding ones

    my question becomes should I install my EVGA 1080ti in my current system with any noticeable gains? or will I be cpu bottlenecked or does it not make sense with G-sync or should I just wait until I move and open the 1080ti with the 8700K system
    BTK is my initials if you were wondering.
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    -8700K/1080ti system coming soon

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    You wont be bottle necked on minimum frame fate with the 3770k and a mild OC.
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    I agree, you will be fine. You are on SSD's and probably have good ram too.

    If you need some advice tuning the 3770K some just ask.
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