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Thread: What's what in water cooling this day?

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    What's what in water cooling this day?

    I've been running a Thermochill PA 120.3, Switftech pump (forget model), Tygon tubing, (recent upgrades of EKWB 1080 Ti full cover and EKWB EK-Supremacy EVO on a i7 2600k) for about 7 years now with the exception of course of the new blocks.

    I pulled my loop apart about a month ago to swap out the GPU and CPU blocks for cleaning and well, it has been a while since I built the loop as well as my machine was feeling its age to a certain degree.

    So yeah, I've been way out of the loop (pun intended) in quality, performance and affordability.

    Can anyone point me in a direction to try to get caught up Rad performance, pumps, and the like? I know it's general, though I have no idea how much things have changed.

    The tubing, rad and fittings have wear on them but no corrosion. I had been running PT Nuke, distilled water and for the most part copper/nickle plating (EK barbs/fittings).

    Now though that I rebuilt the look I'm seeing what seems to be metal particles (when water is flowing, the res tornadoes and has a slight pearlescent appearence) I know that I'll have to tear it down completely and replace tubing and fittings at some point, though not sure if I should stick with the Thermochill or seek a replacement. It's been rock steady piece of equipement though I know it will eventually fail.

    I'm holding out to upgrade to a 8th/9th gen CPU and newer board with DDR4 and in doing so then build a new loop.

    So, thoughts? Advice? Do's/dont's?

    Thank you for your time.

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    There are no upgrades on the rad or pump side. The new blocks might do better if you get a block made for the cpu die size you have (if you upgrade) but there are no upgrades performance wise. Fans might get you minor gains.
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