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Thread: It was a good run

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    Where is everyone, we have a sprint going on....

    pm me for details
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    Yep seems this forum has pretty much died out. OCN seems to be fairly active, but pretty bugged and borked over there.
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    I tried logging into a few months ago, their login form was borked.
    Even after a half @ssed attempt at patching their html stuff it still wouldn't work.
    Tried multiple browsers.
    Go figure, Kinda weird, I even replied about it on tw, no answer I dn wth.
    Not a biggy either though..

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    I think the problem is just the evolution of hardware.

    when we first started, we had to take absolute garbage boards, and do crazy things, like completely remove every cap on the board and find some random guy that could speak japanese, to get us caps that wouldnt explode when we did some crazy OC.
    Now, you can find anything, the most obscure items imaginable, are just a click away on Ebay, or Amazon.

    We had to dig through schematics, that just kinda "showed up" and research where and how to volt mod something. Now you want more power? Go into Bios, set it to enough voltage to melt your desk if you want... the options there.
    Everything we use to do, is now just on the board - sure, you now pay $700 for a board, and 75% of the features are worthless, but you want 16 phase digital VRMs?Enough voltage then you will ever need? caps that wont explode? It's on the board - just pay extra now. So all the engineers, and super specialized people who just kinda hung around and were experts at 2-3 things, they just dont have much to do now I guess.

    Remember when intel was getting destroyed by the AMD64 - then one day, a few people from japan posted some obscure screen shots from a CPU no one recognized - the Merom core, and it was Intel, and it was some how just obliterating the AMD64? Yet, we didnt really know what the Merom core was yet.... but with 10,000 curious people, we knew the next day, and then for months we had Asus selling us laptop / desktop custom CPU adaptors - and when they were no where to be found, some how Saaya knew a guy in like germany - that had a small stash of them, and sourced them to us as much as he could, and then Intel just dropped a atom bomb on us, when they released the Conroe - and since then, Intel stopped being a joke again, and became the juggernaught we know for the last decade or so. I am not sure something like that could ever happen again.

    Everything we use to do, was just kinda cannibalized into the main stream, when we did it, it was a taboo word - you never told a PC part company you overclocked something, or your warranty was done. Now, you can pay $40 and get insurance and a 1 time no hassle replacement on a CPU if you burn it up overclocking. It's all really weird, I liken it to how a old school real punk must feel - when they see green day on TV being called punk, and avril lavigne being called a "pop punk princess".

    Maybe those days when a new OC would attract 10,000 casual people looking for the crazy knowledge you can find around here. Maybe now, overclocking to alot of people is just enable XMP, up the multiplier, buy an AIO watercooler, and brag to your friends how awsome your RBG makes your computer super adorable, like a rainbow colored rave in your bedroom.

    But some of us still lurk around, decompiling a driver or modding a bios because "there's no ing way a 5700 is just a bios locked 5700 xt and I am not gonna wander WTF, and how can I with that".

    There arent many of us left, maybe now Overclocking is just a cute extra feature for some kid to brag about to his friends in CS:GO how he gets 900 FPS with freesync, and his pre-overclocked PC.

    But we are out there, still tinkering.... and we didnt need cute lights on a fan as a reason to open up our PC.

    Maybe those days are gone, but some of us, are still out there.

    I know Bowman's up to something, OPPainter is tinkering, Mr.Icee giving out life advice, JCViggen, Macci, Hiwayman, all of them.
    Some never needed an audience, or youtube channel to OC, because it was just fun to break hardware and make it do something it was never meant to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kunaak View Post

    Some never needed an audience, or youtube channel to OC, because it was just fun to break hardware and make it do something it was never meant to do.
    These utube clockers can't clock if their life depended on it.

    Thuban and Sandy Bridge was the peak for the community, These chips are great still,4ghz+ gave us massive gains,Some chips are 4.5/5ghz stable aswell.

    Compared to ocing Ryzen9 or corei9,there is nothing exciting to see.

    Ryzen9 should really be reaching for 5ghz+,a 7ghz thuban might take it

    I would love a RoboClocker

    Now if your not using 16cores or more Xtreme cooling doesn't yield enough to warrant its cost.

    Getting playable frames @ 16k is going to be the new agenda. As long as the 0.1% is above 40 frames your good for single player.

    Remember Fear Benchmark

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    I think I first came here to learn how to overclock my FX-53/Socket 939. Good times!

    Oh shoot it's in my sig lol!
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    What happened to Saaya? He was great with Cellshock then at froxconn where he made an OC line for them.
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    I agree Kunaak. I've been lurking around here for years. I don't as much since the site had all the issues, but its working back into my surfing flow. I'm just as addicted to computer hardware as I was 25 years ago, but it has changed. Like you said, we used to be on the fringes, now everyone does it. But I'll be lurking around till I'm gone. Just love the PC hardware!

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