Hmm.... Haven't posted in I don't know how long, but I do still check the forums out from time to time. A google search on the topic of water cooling brought me over today, and I was surprised I had to increase the post date range from two weeks to a year in order to show a decent number of threads. That's when i realized something was wrong.
I would have thought with the closure of HardOCP and the forum issues at OCN, this place would have been hopping. It seems most forum based websites are doing the same. Probably due to the younger generations being stuck on stupid (Facebook) and other mindless platforms.
It is good to seee so many familiar people popping up in this thread. Many of you definitely lived up to the sites name back in the day. I can definitely say I learned more about computers, cooling, and overclocking from this site than all the others i frequent combined.

... lets see how old and outdated my sig is


Well that quote definitely is timeless. And just as important today as it was when it was put to pen and paper.