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    FiiO FB1


    The high quality sound is essential for full and rich experience, while you are listening to your favorite songs. A pair of Bluetooth headphones can improve this experience because they are practical when you are doing your workout or running around the block. The list of the available Bluetooth headphones on the market is amazing. So, it can be a little challenge to find the best pair to invest in. Perhaps you have heard about some popular and highly rated earphones with a great performance, but the price tags are little over the top for us. The new FB1 from FiiO is an affordable set of Bluetooth earphones that supports aptX, SBC and AAC audio codecs over a wireless connection. Are the FB1 earphones as good as they are advertised? Read the complete review to know the final verdict!


    Packaging & Contents

    The FB1 comes packaged at a clean white color scheme. The front displays an image of the FB1, along with a "FB1" badge, and an FiiO logo.

    The rear has a nice exploded vector in addition to basic specifications.

    Sliding out the internal tray reveals the earphones within case and a small pouch underneath contains the accessories. Fiio provide the buyer with a very nice pouch. It's a zippered pouch that is well sized to fit the earphones but also fit inside a small jacket pocket.

    The FB1's come with great silicone tips. They are comfortable yet solid and vastly improved over the flimsy tips that come with most budget earphones. The FB1 comes with an additional set of medium tips (as well as small and large sizes). Fiio aso provide three pairs of ear hooks and a micro-usb cable in order to charge the earphones.

    Of course, you'll also get a warranty card and manual. All in all, a nice unboxing that is not overly convoluted but rather effective and clean.

    A Closer Look

    Made mainly from plastic they aren't too heavy. The cable which connects the earbuds feels sturdy.

    It is equipped with 13mm acoustic drivers. We can see the chrome-accented housings. Some would call the look of the drivers futuristic. Either way, they look more like a strange piece of alien technology than a piece of earbud housings.

    They are also protected by a special coating with nano spray on the body for enhanced resistance against scratches and stains. In fact, the nano spray coating means you can literally wipe to clean the FB1 after getting dirty.

    The FiiO FB1's control scheme is efficient and straightforward. They provide the essential functions: call/music, track skipping, and volume controls.

    The micro USB charging port can be a little flimsy so be sure to handle it with care or you might risk damaging the port while plugging in a micro USB cable.


    They're using Bluetooth 4.1 so if you were hoping for Bluetooth 5 you're out of luck. That said, it isn?t really a big deal. The connection between these and my source devices were rock solid. During testing I didn't have a single issue. The connection was strong anywhere within average range (15-30 feet) and I even got a little beyond that before some skipping occurred. If my phone was in my pocket I didn't have any issues which is good news if you plan on using these while riding a bike or exercising. Controls were also pretty easy to use as the control module ends up right behind your right ear if you're wearing them correctly. It has three buttons that let you pause/play music, adjust volume, and skip between tracks with a varying number of clicks and holds. They aren't too hard to memorize and are pretty standard across Bluetooth earphones so it shouldn't take too long to get used to. You can answer any phone calls or even make phone calls thanks to a built-in microphone that has surprisingly good quality. Using them to make a few phone calls I didn't have anyone complaining about me sounding like I was underwater or far away, the way that I do with other Bluetooth earphones.

    As far as battery life FiiO claims that you can get a solid 8 hours out of these. Actually you'll get around 3 hours and 20 minutes of constant playback time on 100% volume. If the FB1 is connected to an iOS device, you can conveniently monitor how much battery is remaining in your wireless earphones with a battery meter, so you know when to charge and prevent from stopping. From our experience, they tend to charge with the included micro USB cable in a matter of 110 minutes or so. Its Qualcomm CSR8645 Bluetooth chip can be paired to two devices at a time.

    While not audiophile level in terms of sound quality, the FiiO FB1 used in this review has a great overall sound. As one of the most crucial elements to any pair of high-quality headphones, the sound and bass is essentially the most important feature for many music lovers. After all, if your headphones fit nice and look nice but don't actually perform well, there's no point in using them. To our pleasure, we found that the FiiO FB1's provided excellent sound clarity with excellent high, mid and low tones. With the inclusion of APT-X technology, the earphones achieve lossless sound quality as long as your music source is of good quality (high bit-rate). Although sound is quite difficult to describe in words, we think that everyone would agree that they're definitely suitable, especially given the budget-friendly price point that they retail for. We've reviewed $70 earphones in the past that don't compare to the sound quality that the FB1's can emit. The bass is deep, provides smooth rumbles and never seems to be overpowered or too dramatic. Although you cannot manually adjust the bass level, it's set to an appropriate level that works well with virtually any genre of music. We tested them on hip hop, pop, country and trance music and loved how all of the songs sounded.

    Final Thoughts

    The FiiO FB1 are incredibly well-designed Bluetooth earbuds that delivering a seamless music experience. Since these are Bluetooth 4.1 enabled, they will automatically connect to your mobile device once you switch them on. The Bluetooth connection on these earbuds is stable and we did not experience any dips in sound quality. We were pleasantly surprised at how well these earbuds managed to fit at the ears securely and tightly, and reduce ambient background noise at the same time- it will drown out normal conversation noise and vehicle noise when worn using the foam ear tips. They housings have a sleek, modern white exterior that looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Furthermore, the FiiO FB1 come with a nice assortment of ear tips to choose from for you to get the perfect fit in your ears. It also comes with two extra sets of ear hooks for you to make adjustments where necessary. Additionally, they've included a handy pouch that makes a great, protective solution for storing them when you're not using them. This mini pouch has a secure zippered enclosure that keeps them constantly protected. The battery life on the FiiO FB1 is around 8 hours(low level) of continuous music playtime, which is pretty good considering the size of these earbuds. There are also inline controls on the FiiO FB1 which are simple and responsive. The button controls allow you to adjust the volume, play/pause or skip soundtracks. The FiiO FB1 also come with an integrated microphone for you to take hands free calls while working out.

    While the FiiO FB1 are certainly not audiophile quality, they do a decent job at delivering good quality sound which is pretty amazing considering their small and compact size. We were able to hear music clearly from the FiiO FB1 while exercising at the gym and doing outdoor workouts without any issues. They can also easily go up to close to maximum volume without high sound distortion. Overall, the sound performance of the FiiO FB1 definitely exceeded expectations considering its budget price(US $39.99). At the time of writing, the FiiO FB1 are now selling at a very good price, so don't forget to check them out!

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