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Thread: Greenish Tint/Murky Water

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    Greenish Tint/Murky Water

    Hey everyone, just wanted to seek your advice as I have been out of the watercooling gig for a few years now. I have an older rig that uses the following components:

    1. Koolance i380 waterblock (nickel plated)
    2. Alphacool triple rad monsta
    3. EK reservoir with Laing D5 Vario pump
    4. Mayhem white absorbent tubing
    5. Mayhem XT-1 Nuke clear coolant (100ml coolant to 900ml distilled water)
    6. Bitspower fittings

    I have a single loop from CPU block to radiator to pump. I drained the loop completely and used vinegar/distilled water (30:70) to rinse and clean out my radiator for several hours and then flushed it all out with a few rounds of distilled water ensuring to remove all of the vinegar/distilled water solution. I then used Mayhem XT-1 clear coolant mixed with distilled water to fill in my loop again. Immediately, I can see that the water is very murky with a slight greenish tint. I think the coolant is causing the metals to react or is reacting with the metals itself but I don't know why. The XT-1 nuke is supposed to be compatible with copper and nickel plated and I'm not using any aluminum in my loop.

    Here is a picture of it:

    Any ideas why this is happening?
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