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Thread: Overclocking G3258 with Asrock z97 Anniversary at 4.2ghz

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    Overclocking G3258 with Asrock z97 Anniversary at 4.2ghz

    Hi guys ! I wanted to overclock this cpu G3258 at 4.2ghz with Asrock Z97 anniversary motherboard. Default at 3.2ghz is with 1.093v. The memory is Crucial Ballistix Tactical 2x4Gb (8-8-8-24 1600mhz) 1.35v. I need little bit help with this. With wich program can i change the voltage in windows without restart the windows and to check if that voltage is fine ? Thank you in advance !!
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    Not sure if still relevant, but Asrock A-Tuning utility should just work fine for you. The version listed at the download section of your mainboard model is quite old though. So it might be worth trying a newer version of a tool listed e. g. for a Z370 mainboard.

    By the way a moderator should move the thread to the Intel subforum. The Xtreme Overclocking subforum is not meant for your daily overclocking needs.
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