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Thread: [News] Top Three Intel 9th Generation Core Parts Detailed

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    [News] Top Three Intel 9th Generation Core Parts Detailed

    Intel is giving finishing touches to its 9th generation Core processor family, which will see the introduction of an 8-core part to the company's LGA115x mainstream desktop (MSDT) platform. The company is also making certain branding changes. The Core i9 brand, which is being introduced to MSDT, symbolizes 8-core/16-thread processors. The Core i7 brand is relegated to 8-core/8-thread (more cores but fewer threads than the current Core i7 parts). The Core i5 brand is unchanged at 6-core/6-thread. The three will be based on the new 14 nm+++ "Whiskey Lake" silicon, which is yet another "Skylake" refinement, and hence one can't expect per-core IPC improvements.

    Leading the pack is the Core i9-9900K. This chip is endowed with 8 cores, and HyperThreading enabling 16 threads. It features the full 16 MB of shared L3 cache available on the silicon. It also has some stellar clock speeds - 3.60 GHz nominal, with 5.00 GHz maximum Turbo Boost. You get the 5.00 GHz across 1 to 2 cores, 4.80 GHz across 4 cores, 4.70 GHz across 6 to 8 cores. Interestingly, the TDP of this chip remains unchanged from its predecessor, at 95 W. Next up, is the Core i7-9700K. This chip apparently succeeds the i7-8700K. It has 8 cores, but lacks HyperThreading.

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    An i7 without SMT is bizarre.
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    Shouldn't they call the "9700k" an i5 or something? Because i7 CPU's always have hyperthreading enabled, and its usually the 95 variants that lack this kind of feature.
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    Nah you don't get it. i7 is only ever going to get 8 threads now that i9 exists. Now you just have 8 physical cores for those 8 threads. That should be enough of an upgrade, peasant! Be happy you get that much from your benevolent Intel overlords!
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