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Thread: Tesla sold 200,000 cars in the US, so the $7,500 tax credit is going away

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    Tesla sold 200,000 cars in the US, so the $7,500 tax credit is going away

    Speculation that Tesla had hit the 200,000 mark for US sales has been rampant, particularly in the wake of the company's recent statement regarding production numbers. In the second quarter of 2018, it says it produced 53,339 vehicles, a 55 percent increase over Q1 2018. That big increase was in large part down to the company finally finding its feet with regards to the Model 3 production lines. More than half its Q2 output (28,571 cars) were Model 3s; the remainder were Model S and Model X EVs.
    However, it was unclear at the time of Tesla's announcement just how many of those cars were actually bound for US customers. In the past, Tesla has often focused one month a quarter on delivering vehicles to countries outside of the US, and it was thought likely that the company was doing everything possible to ensure it didn't break the 200,000 US sales mark before the end of Q2. But on Thursday morning the company updated the page on its website dealing with EV incentives in light of reaching this milestone.

    Now, the IRS tax credit doesn't just disappear overnight. If you buy a new Tesla that is delivered before the end of 2018, it will still be eligible for the full $7,500 credit?assuming you have at least $7,500 in federal tax liabilities. For the first six months of 2019, new Teslas will be eligible for a tax credit of $3,750; for the final half of 2019 that drops to just $1,875. Any new Tesla delivered in 2020 and beyond will be ineligible for the federal tax credit.

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    Tax credit?
    For that death trap?
    Tax credit for generic lithium battery land fill lol...

    There never should of been a tax credit for a company paid for in our taxes...
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