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    Hello Guys,

    Its been a long time since I posted on here, mainly because Ive been out of my computers for a while...other hobbies and family life have taken over. Im still in IT for work so keep my hand in, but on a more corp level. Anyhow I decided it was time to build a decent rig. The last fast system I built was an FX8350 that somehow my oldest son ended up taking off me and using whilst I put up with his X4 -860K.

    I decided on the following;
    Gigabyte Auros X370 gaming K5 board
    Ryzen 7 2700
    RX580 Nitro
    Samsung Evo960 500GB NVMe
    2 X HyperX HX426C16FR2K2/16 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) 2666 MHz DDR4 CL16.

    So all the bits arrived on Thursday last week, so I decided to build the rig straight into a case ( I know usually when i do this 100% it wont boot but I thought this time I would be ok). Bad idea, the system just wouldnt post past the VGA led on the board. So I stripped it back out of the case and went through the motions, each stick in a different slot, GPU in a different slot, different GPUs in different slots. Arrggg, still no post. Decided on it being a faulty motherboard so got amazon to send an advance replacement for Friday. Was really pleased with arrives Friday, so get home from work and get it all swapped POST. Bugger it must be the CPU. So back on the phone, Amazon agree to send out a replacement for Saturday. So I get started on the beers as its a Friday night and decide that the RX580 isnt enough of an upgrade from my R9-270. So ordered in a powercolour Vega64 and setup a return for the RX580. I did quickly try the RX480 and 580 together in my sons rig in crossfire, but in Forza Horizon 3 ( his main game) he didnt notice enough of a difference.

    So roll on Saturday and I notice the shipment info for the CPU is saying that it wont arrive until Tuesday..WTF. So got on the phone, cancelled that and ordered a 2700X that could be primed in same day.

    So that and the Vega arrive, I get it all built and again...and no POST. WTF, as you can imagine Im starting to get rather annoyed.

    I do a bit of research and it seems AMD are sending out Gen1 CPUs to allow flashing of the BIOS on the board to support Gen 2a. So I found the model and primed it in for Sunday. It arrived yesterday afternoon, posted first time and allowed me to flash, so I now have a working 2700X. Never come across this before when building systems.

    Now I just need to learn how to OC these beasts and try some gaming. Im got a basic Corsair WC setup, my son has my old custom built WC setup.

    I think the biggest disappointment though was the Samsung M2 drive. Im used to running on 2x240GB stripe 0 SSDs, they nip along nicely and you dont need to wait for much. I remember the transition from Spindle to solid state was a revelation, I was hoping that the change from SSD to M2 would be the same. Yes early benchmarks show it being rapid, but real world usage ( albeit early days only 2 hours or so on it) it doesnt seem much quicker.

    Well thats my little tale....any OCing tips for these would be appreciated :-)

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    The X470 were the boards that natively support the 2000 series CPUs, the X300 series were 1000 series Ryzen. So yes, that is normal when putting those together
    It was hard for me to see the difference between M.2 and SATA in normal usage. My boot times have been increased, but otherwise, it feels the same. I went for the Vega 56 so I could put more towards RAM at the time. Ryzen likes Mem speeds.

    There isn't much to OCing as it is all multi increase and V's. 4.3ghz seems to be a peak on that 2000 series Ryzen and you need a good cooler. 4ghz might be average for no voltage increase, from there you may need to add. But don't hit it with crazy volts, just increment slowly. I run a Corsair H100i on my systems and it works well. The Memory Controller has been known to run 3400-3600mhz RAM and might be where you would see the most overall benefit, if you have RAM modules that can do it.

    Glad to see another Ryzen in the wild, good luck with the build!
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    So you have 2700X, to be frank, if you dont do things like rendering or video encoding, im not sure you should OC, it will boost with XFR higher than you can OC probably and power consumption will go through the roof.Maybe just try some bclk oc to push it a bit further.
    As for vega, either control voltage manually, or select power saver mode, its like -5% performance and -25% power, also OC HBM2 this will give you a nice boost that will regain the performance you lost on the power saver and then some, vega 64, so you could probably do 1000-1100 on it .mine V56 ref on v64 bios was doing 1050.
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