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Thread: Bios Dump needed form a Gateway sx2360

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    Bios Dump needed form a Gateway sx2360

    Hello there ,
    i would like to ask an owner of a Gateway sx2360 to send me a dump of the systems bios.There reason i need this rom is because i cannot find it online .I have flashed my sx2360 with a newer acer x3450 version which may be compatible but i get a message when i get a POST on the bios telling me that this bios is only for acer machines and i would like to revert back to the original gateway bios.Apart from this i cannot any longer install a win7 os ,it seems that it crashes every time.I have tried everything.Instead i can install all different kind of linuxes.I would not even bother with windows anymore but it seems that there is a bug with asus xonar dx cound cards and i cannot get analog line outs to work.So ,back to my request, can an owner of a gateway sx2360 pc make me a dump of the rom ?
    thank you .

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    Your really smart man, without backupping the original bios, reflashing it with something else. Your most bad luck is to get hold of the same system, otherwise i'm affraid nobody can help you.

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    I think you're really out of luck man. It's really unlikely anyone on here has a Gateway SX2360. As mentioned, you really should have backed your BIOS up before doing this.
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