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    Silverstone CPU06


    USB 3.1 SuperSpeed+ offers a whole new level of connectivity. Transfer data at incredible speeds, charge other devices, and even power mobile devices - all with just one cable. Quickly becoming the new universal standard, USB 3.1 is already supported by Windows, Google, and Mac operating systems, as well as many device manufacturers. Today I am reviewing Silverstone's SST-CPU06-1000 USB-C to USB-C Cable. This cable is a USB 3.1 Gen2 Full-Featured Type-C cable, meaning that it not only supports charging capabilities and basic USB 2.0 data, it also supports USB 3.1 Gen 2 SuperSpeed for much faster data transfer with supported devices (10gbps), and also allows for the extra wires to be repurposed for Alternate Modes such as VESA DisplayPort. This cable should have 10 more wires than a standard USB 2.0 Type-C to Type-C cable to support the extra functionality. In addition, this cable supports 60W operation.


    Packaging & Contents

    Silverstone has sent us a CPU06 charcoal color so we can test for ourselves how it works and more than anything how is its quality. It comes packed in a soft cardboard box with a transparent window that allows us not only to see the color, but to appreciate the two ends with their connectors. In the form of an icon, the manufacturer shows us its main characteristics.

    On the back of the packaging we have its technical characteristics, features and a sample of the colors.

    Inside we found the cable in a plastic blister in which the connectors and the rest of the cable were fitted, as you can see in the following image.

    A Closer Look

    The CPU06 USB 3.1 Type-C to Type-C Cable features a reversible Type-C connector so that there's no wrong way to plug it in. On the other end of the cable is another Type-C connector.

    The CPU06 has premium construction with nylon braiding and textured aluminum connector housing. Its built-in Electronic Marker Identification (E-Marker) IC also regulates current to achieve the most optimal data and power transmission with maximum safety protection. The 26 AWG cord is quite flexible and relieves strain on the receptacle.

    The cord(RT1710) is 3.3-feet long, which is pretty decent, and it should be relatively durable. The cable is electronically marked. Electronically marked cables support USB Power Delivery Structured VDM Discover Identity command directed to SOP'. This provides a method to determine the characteristics of the cable, e.g. its current carrying capability, its performance, vendor identification, etc.

    A look at RT1710's function block Diagram.

    The Silverstone logo is printed on one USB-C connector end of each cable, and is pretty small and barely noticeable.

    The cables come in silver, gold and charcoal colors.


    As long as you're using the right charger, it supports up to 5V-20V charging. It can deliver up to 60W at 3A, so fast charging won't be a problem. The cable connectors are tough and they sit snugly in the device. I test it to charge my laptop with Power Delivery 60W 5-Port USB Wall Charger, PowerPort 5 for iPhone 7 and iPad Pro. It worked fine!

    The BMC data can be decoded by USB PD decoders like Ellisys EX350 Analyzer. This tool will capture PD data, show the meaning of each packet, and show the timing related data with Vbus value, and CC waveform.

    The whole point of having USB-C cables is to provide faster charging and data syncing speeds, but many cables don't meet the full standards or specification requirements. The Silverstone CPUO6 USB-C cable meet those standards and offer the best performance. Samsung's portable SSD T5 was able to achieve speeds up to 540MB/s. It also supports USB 2.0 speeds of 480Mbps, if you're connecting to an older USB 2.0 port.

    USB-C enabled monitors will offer ultra HD 4K video resolution.


    The Silverstone CPU06 USB Type-C cable will significantly cut down on the amount of wires needed to make devices work. You can use this cable to connect Type-C compatible devices to a USB Type-C tablet, phone, computer, or wall charger. This USB Type-C cable is also backwards compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices. Using this single cable, I was able to fast charge my laptop while simultaneously displaying 4k60 video to and accessing a USB hub on an external display. It should work great for up to 10gbps SuperSpeed+ applications and for up to 60W charging. You can also quickly and safely charge your USB-C device as well as sync your photos, music and data to your existing USB-C enabled device. With a sleek and low profile connector, this cable's minimal design harnesses the incredible power within. It feels sturdy and well-built. The cable has a user-friendly reversible connector that allows you to connect your cable to your device in any direction.

    The Silverstone CPU06 3.1 USB-C to USB-C Cable allows you to experience up to 10 Gbps transfer speeds, up to 20X faster than USB 2.0 (480Mbps), 12x faster than FireWire 800, and 2X faster than USB 3.0 (5Gbps). This cable is more expensive (15,60 Euro) than most USB-C cables, though most of the cheaper ones either can't transfer data at high speed or aren't rated for 60W charging. This one does both. You will be amazed at the difference USB 3.1 makes.

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