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Thread: Overclocking Xeon-E5 2697 V2 on Asus P9X79 Deluxe

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    Overclocking Xeon-E5 2697 V2 on Asus P9X79 Deluxe


    I swapped yesterday my i7 3930K to Xeon E5 2697 V2 in my home office machine. I was kind of disappointed when I cannot change multi beyond 27 at all (even though all loaded CPU speed by default is 3.0 Ghz), are there any BIOS mods or other ways to unlock multi up to maximum turbo for these xeons?

    I tried bclk overclocking, but so far I could only do 103 Mhz stable in CPU tests, but my integrated Wi-Fi card was still crapping out...

    Anyone here with experience in handling those beasts? Or apart from some ES they are 'untouchable' ?

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    Xeon E5 2697 V2, Asus P9X79 Deluxe, 4x 8 GB LoVo 1600Mhz 9-9-9 RAM, GTX 680

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    Xeon's are not able to unlock the Multi.
    In order to get Max Turbo you will need to enable the power features in the BIOS. Disabling these features will disable Max Turbo. Its how these things are designed, to get the CPU in the proper power range so they do not exceed TDP for given server configs.

    Some boards can do BCLK OCing. However 103 seems to be what most CPU's can do. I have not had one that can reach 105 or higher, only 103 on the large number of proc's that I have used seems to work. Generally even using this can cause problems with stability, I run my chips are stock settings because of this.

    It may be possible to get higher BCLKs by increasing voltages but doing so can make your chips run pretty hot. ES chips are a crap shoot with capabilities in this area, your best bet is to run these at stock IMO.

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