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Thread: [News] Gigabyte may ship less than 10 million motherboards in 2018

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    [News] Gigabyte may ship less than 10 million motherboards in 2018

    Gigabyte Technology may see its motherboard shipments fall under 10 million units in 2018, to compare, back in 2013 that was 20 million. It's likely due to further shrinkage in demand for mining motherboards, according to industry sources.

    The sources said that global motherboard shipments are estimated to decline at least 10% on year in 2018 after posting an annual fall of 15% in 2017. But some motherboard vendors including ASRock and Micro-Star International (MSI) managed to buck the decline trend in shipments or profits with increased shipment ratios for higher-end motherboards demanded from the gaming and crypto mining sectors, reports DigiTimes:

    This was not the case with Gigabyte. The company's motherboard shipments plunged to 12.6 million units in 2017 from 16.2 million in 2016 due mainly to the firm's organizational restructuring starting in August 2017.

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    IIRC in 2013 Gigabyte actually had the best boards across all market segments. Now only the high-end is any good, while low-end and midrange are total garbage. People are quick to catch on to the old cost engineering strategy in the motherboard business; once-upon-a-time leaders like Abit and DFI have all died the same way.
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    I used a gigabyte motherboard in a low-mid-range PC build for someone not too long ago, and have in the past for some others. Seems like it works perfectly fine. Not decked out with features, but no complaints thus far.

    My PC uses a Gigabyte board also, but it isn't an entry board, nor is it exactly recent lol.
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    Yep, my P45 and P67 boards are upper class Gigas and I've hammered them 24/7/365 since built. P45 still running strong lol
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