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Thread: [News] AMD Updates Warranty Policy on AMD Processors and Aftermarket CPU Coolers

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    [News] AMD Updates Warranty Policy on AMD Processors and Aftermarket CPU Coolers

    A few days ago, a Reddit user came onto one of AMD's support pages and found some pretty disturbing information regarding the use of aftermarket cooling solutions. According to the FAQ, users are voiding the warranty on their AMD processors if they don't use the included stock heatsink. Given the seriousness of the situation, the matter was immediately brought to AMD for clarification. In their defense, they have stated that the information in the FAQ is outdated, and the wording doesn't accurately describe the terms of the warranty with modern processors. Therefore, AMD got right on the task and has since updated the FAQ. To not make a short story long, users are free to use aftermarket CPU coolers as long as these heatsinks are capable of properly cooling the processor within AMD's TDP specifications.

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    That is not legal, and they dont ship all chips with coolers.
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    This is just stupid move. But nobody can really tell what cooler was used ...

    Usually problems don't come from alternativ coolers. They are much better. The problems may come from the guy that mount it, or do aggressive overvoltage on it.

    Those days, kill a processor anyway is really hard. ( Or the user is crazy stupid/reckless )

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    Intel had been saying this for years, as have most graphics card manufacturers.

    At least they've loosened up some.

    It would really be hard to kill a CPU with a too-small heatsink, as CPUs these days have thermal throttling capability. Not like the CPUs of yesteryear that would blow themselves up
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