Hi guys. Finally purchased this puppet ( i could not spend much more for this specific task) . Since I was seeking to have a mac just for xcode ( had enough messing with VM's ) I wanted to try a native box ( which It will come from USA ) on the 23rd .
Thing is that after asking a pal of mine who is a mac geek he told he that given my budget I should go for a 2012 model provided that the 2014 one had soldered ram and ... I can't afford the bundle so I've put my chips on removing as much as I can . This is what i will receive :

Mac Mini Desktop Late 2012 MD388LL/A 2.3GHz i7 4GB 1TB
Which sticks of ram would you guys suggest me to put ? I should be able to purchase them from ebay from a trusted seller since I won't be able to test them till they arrive.

I want some of a good brand

will this ones work ?