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Thread: [News] AOC Announces New Line of Professional Monitors: The P1 Series

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    [News] AOC Announces New Line of Professional Monitors: The P1 Series

    AOC has been making waves with the overall quality and value proposition of each new line of monitors they launch - from the premium to the more budget-conscious offerings. Now, they're introducing a whole new line of monitors that leaves their gaming roots behind in favor of more professional-centric features.

    The series will cover the 21.5"-27" range, and panel types will vary between TN and IPS panels according to diagonal and pricing. Starting in the 21.5", the AOC 22P1D is equipped with a 21.5 "TN panel with 1080 screen resolution. The 24P1 is a 23.8" monitor which upgrades the panel to an IPS solution, features a 16:9 screen ratio with 1080p resolution, and a three-frameless bezel. There will be another 24" monitor in the form of the X24P1, which keeps all the features and specs of the 24P1, but brings the screen ratio to 16:10. Rounding out the lineup, we've got the 27" 27P1 (which sports an IPS panel with 1080p resolution) and the flagship 27", Q27P1 (which also sports an IPS panel but increases the resolution to QHD (2560 x 1440).

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    Ohhh what I'd pay for a pro 27" ~ 31" with a screen ratio of 16:10

    So much better to use compared to 16:9
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    1080p is a pass as a professional standard, any video/photo professional or architect, engineer will take a 32" with over 144 Hz and 2K. Even if you use only professional software, you are saved the trouble of having two monitors. A 32" with a third party mount is the minimum benchmark for a professional, every real tech knows this.

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