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Thread: [News] NVIDIA Asks Retailers to Ensure Gamers Get Graphics Cards

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    [News] NVIDIA Asks Retailers to Ensure Gamers Get Graphics Cards

    The crypto-currency plague continues to nibble away at the PC gaming ecosystem, driving gamers to consoles. This affects the long-term prospects of graphics processor manufacturers like NVIDIA, who will find it difficult to pull gamers lost to consoles back to the PC ecosystem, should newer cost-effective ASICs arrest the viability of using GPUs to mine crypto-currency (as it did on several occasions in the past). The company is reportedly writing to PC hardware retailers to take steps to ensure that PC gamers have access to graphics cards first, and only then crypto-currency miners. The request doesn't prescribe any measures to control graphics card prices that have clearly gone out of hand.

    Retailers in Germany responded lukewarmly, by setting quantity limitations, ranging between 2 to 5 units per order (and not per-household). Retailers responding to commented that they sometimes receive orders by e-mail with quantities running over 100 units. NVIDIA emphasizes that this request is a "recommendation" on its part, and not a directive, and that it would never interfere in freedom of commerce (by letting market-forces sell $200 graphics cards at $1000). The only people standing to lose are PC gamers who haven't upgraded their graphics cards in over two years, who are not able to play today's AAA games at recommended settings, especially when newer games are implementing the new DirectX 12 API, and their eye-candy have leaped to levels 2+ year old high-end graphics cards struggle to keep up with.

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    People are ordering cards 100 at a time? Watch the bottom fall out of this crypto stuff and they lose thousands of dollars. Heh.
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    It's crazy, still running my r290... I could actually sell my 290 used right now for more than I paid for it in 2014... So have a brand new 8700k rig that I'm running the 290 in hoping that someday supply catches up... I wont hold my breath.

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    o_O debating selling off my 1080ti at a profit and grabbing a 1050 to tide me over until the next gen cards come out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Levish View Post
    o_O debating selling off my 1080ti at a profit and grabbing a 1050 to tide me over until the next gen cards come out
    I just sold my ref vega 56 for almost 2x the price i paid , still have rx480 so im good and i preordered 2 v56 sapphire nitro at decent price, its good to take advantage of the situation , theres a big chance thah when my v56 sapphire get here im gonna be able to sold rx 480 8gb for considerably more than i paid for in essence exchanging rx 480+ ref v56 to two v56 with big ass cooling .Its like gold fever with some people.
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