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Thread: Cleaning new Alphacool radiators and Primochill SysPrep

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    Cleaning new Alphacool radiators and Primochill SysPrep

    I'm putting together a couple of new loops using the full copper Alphacool Nexxos radiators and I've read in a few forums that Alphacool radiators need alot of cleaning prior to use. Most of these posts are 3-4 years old however, and I'm wondering if Alphacool has improved on their cleaning process of their new lines of Radiators. In the past I've used XSPC Rads and have only rinsed them with warm distilled water prior to use, and haven't had any issues. It's also worth noting these rads look pretty clean, and after a cold water rinse, I've seen no debris.

    I also have a couple of bottles of Primochill SysPrep, which is recommended to run a couple of days and is supposed to "clean" out your entire loop. In fact they say you can leave it in indefinitely, but recommend draining after running for 48 hours and replacing with coolant of choice.

    Anyone have any experience with these new rads or with the Sysprep? Any thoughts would be welcome.
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    Make sure to rinse SysPrep prior to adding coolant. Otherwise you will get micro bubbles in your water.

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    Hi, thank you for the great advice on the Primochill SysPrep, I did not know of the existence of the product before you mentioned it. Happy end of years holidays for everyone! Plan to clean a used loop in the spring and reuse the rads, pumps, reservoir and the components. But I need to clean them properly first.
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