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Thread: Nvidia Driver Help - Card Downgrade Issue

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    Nvidia Driver Help - Card Downgrade Issue

    I am at my dad's house for Xmas and I heard his Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB making a lot of noise inside of his case. The right side fan was spinning off-kilter and hitting the shroud. I submitted an RMA through Gigabyte and sent the card back today.

    Since this process will likely take two weeks, I installed one of my old GTX 560Ti cards so he could use the computer in the mean time. When installing new Nvidia drivers, the installation black screens halfway through and the computer is unresponsive until hard restart. The computer then freezes during Windows (10 x64) bootup. I have to boot in safemode, run DDU, and then try the installation again. Unfortunately the same thing happens every time. I have tried 388.71 and 378.92, the same thing happens with both. Currently the only driver that works is the basic Windows display adapter driver.

    Any recommendations on what drivers (and/or installation process) would allow this card to be functional until the 1060 comes back?


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    try microsoft drivers ?



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