Today some more relax post, without benchmarks

Last weekend I did overlcl:ing part at local gaming event. Of course, my choice were Ryzens (1800X and 1700X). At the end of event, at Sunday (horrible to know it is day of sun) I started with drying, unmounting and cleaning the processor. Ussually not many guys are cleaning side parts of IHS. But I do it . I took the chip in to the my hand and...booom, CPU felt on ground Some pins were bent.

I have experience with straightening pins at Phenoms II. But there was it more easy. Pins there more stronger and size of gap also was bigger. So I had credit card and micropencil to fix it.
But AM4 CPU has1331 pins and thats much more while also in the middle is empty part (square), so density of pins is higher. Much higher.
I have CPU incident at two areas. One area only a little bent pins and second area with more numbers of bent pins and also smaller area with bent pins against each other pins.

In the smaller are with hardest damage I could not use thight plastic card and micropencil.

I used another smooth kit

magnifying glass, small light, tight "white" plastic card and compasses (you can a needle).
Sometimes I tried, if pins are straight and if CPU put in socket or not. I had to straighten the pins few times and afterall the CPU put OK to the socket.

At the end I tried CPU in motherboard, if everything wrking. First bot, few test and I was happy CPU is alive