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Thread: HWBot Country Cup 2017

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    HWBot Country Cup 2017

    Hey everyone,

    Just thought I'd post an announcement here for anyone who's interested/unaware. The annual Country Cup 2017 competition is running right now on OC-Esports :!/round/country_cup_2017.

    The US team is actually trying to be organized and competitive this year, so we're using Discord for comp discussion this time around(if you'd like to join the Discord, shoot me a PM to get the invite link).

    We're specifically in need of Ryzen/Vega/Tahiti/Fiji right now, but we have other gaps and you can see a full list of hardware needed on OC-Esports or on the discord. Even if you don't think you'll post a winning score, join the Discord and post it anyway, things can always change at the last minute.
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