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Thread: GOC 2017 Bangkok

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    GOC 2017 Bangkok

    These images are from my trip to GOC 2017 in Bangkok as a Judge, A huge thanks to Galax and Mad for the invite. It was a great experience and a really good trip throughout. Everyone was well fed and the food was great, we had plenty of time to explore. A well organized event that packed the venue and had spectators lined up around the building waiting hour to get in and check out Galax. No drama at all, everyone was awesome and it made the event much more enjoyable. It was good to see old faces and meet new ones. The weather was perfect for us.

    Snowing at my first stop in Korea

    Landing in Thailand

    Stepping out of the taxi in Bangkok and walking to the Novotel Hotel

    The reverse view from the Novotel Hotel

    Back on the street, heavy traffic


    Setting up

    Picking CPU

    The Contestants

    Jim Thompson Museum

    Tuk Tuk
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    Nice pics and thanks for posting them !

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    Very nice mate!
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    Thanks for the pics.

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    Thanks for sharing the great pics! Looks like you had an excellent trip.
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