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Thread: [News] Broadband pricing study shows vast disparity worldwide

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    [News] Broadband pricing study shows vast disparity worldwide

    omputer enthusiasts are often on the lookout for faster, better broadband deals. We've looked at UK and worldwide broadband speed comparisons a number of times, but another important factor when you buy broadband is the price. However, you will probably only look at the prices in your home country unless you are thinking of moving abroad. It was therefore interesting to look through a report published by which discusses the results of a study into worldwide broadband price averages which takes into account 196 countries and over 3350 broadband packages.

    Considering the extremes in pricing first, the survey finds that the best value broadband is in Iran. Of the monthly broadband packages found there the average price comes to a very thrifty US$5.37 (rank 1). At the other end of the scale lies another country on the African continent, Burkina Faso. In this landbound nation the average cost of a broadband contract costs an astronomical US$954.54 per month (rank 196).

    Trends were spotted in worldwide regional pricing; six of the cheapest countries for broadband access were formerly a part of the USSR (including Russia), and most of the 31 countries making up Sub-Saharan Africa feature in the lower part of the table, ranked for value.

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    Would be interesting to see these numbers normalized using the median income level per country.
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