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Thread: Chilling Time!!!

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    Chilling Time!!!

    Hi every one,

    Been looking around for one week but no dice, so here I am. I just finished buying all I needed for my water loop which will be hooked to a water chiller, it's a Hailea HC 1000A, every thing is set but tow informations are missing: how much fluid do I need for the chillers tank I've found nothing about its capacity and how do I fill the loop without ruining the pump (if it runs dry). Please help.

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    Fill while the pump is off to the top, start the pump and leave the cap off the pump to let air escape. It will take 10 to 20 minutes to get most of the air bubbles purged, bang on the pump case and water lines to free up more trapped air.

    Add Water Wetter for better chilling performance. Water Wetter can be purchased at auto parts store.
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    Thanks a lot mate, it is the right way to do it and there is no other way. What made lose track is the incompetent fool from Highflows web site I was misled by his wrong informations telling me there will be no need for a reservoir or a pump. Anyway you helped a lot thank you sir ; )



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