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Thread: Free parts for DIY chiller

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    Free parts for DIY chiller

    Long time, no see, XS.

    I am cleaning up my house some, and I have some pieces for a DIY chiller on hand. I'll either throw them out (and pay for the privilege) or give them to someone if I can find someone that wants them.

    Mainly I have a window-unit air conditioner, without a cover and some light mods to improve insulation, etc. I also have a couple of jugs of anti freeze, some spray conformal coating, some great-stuff, maybe a pump (I'll have to check on that one).

    Since I've been out of this hobby so long I'm not even sure this is of any value to a current hobbyist. Is it?

    If so, any hints on finding someone that wants it in the Atlanta, GA, USA area?

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    welcome back...



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