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Thread: Old loop, new Threadripper

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    Old loop, new Threadripper

    It's been a very long time and I've decided to have fun again and replace my Sandy Bridge setup with a Threadripper 1950X build and the parts are on the way. I paid off my mortgage, why not? I am interested in anyone's thoughts on my current equipment and if it's up to the task. In particular if the radiators are going to be able to handle the heat and if the pump is at risk of failing due to age.

    Radiators: 1x120mm + 3x120mm Swiftech MCRX20 types
    Pump: Swiftech MCP355 with a XSPC top. I know electric motors can last a long time. This pump is 7 years old and has been in a box for 4 years. It's been running for 24h now without issue. Am I asking for trouble keeping this?
    CPU Block: XSPC Raystorm STR4
    Fans: I am going to re-use my old Yate Loon mediums at least until they make me think they are on their way out, because believe it or not they still run just fine. These are the Yates everyone loved and only purchased from Petra's shop to make sure they got the "right ones" so I guess I see why they were so popular p.s. Sad to see that Petra's shop is gone?

    Now if I were just cooling the CPU I know I would be asking a rhetorical question and this would be enough to cool just the CPU. However I am also giving serious though on adding a GTX1080 Ti. I am not sure what card or block I would get, leaning towards the MSI Seahawk. lastly, for overclocking, I am likely going to go with max stable speeds on stock voltage for everything (boring) since this will be a workstation when I am not playing games.

    So are my radiators are up to CPU + GPU here? Is my pump a disaster waiting to happen? This is exciting either way, I've not played with these kind of toys in many years

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    I'd say you're Ok with the pump and the 3 x 120 rad, but will need a new CPU block and a supplemental rad - for CPU/GPU loop.
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