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Thread: Flow rate, is it too low?

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    Question Flow rate, is it too low?


    First of all, this is not my first loop by any means, but until now I never had a real way to measure flow rate. Now I got a sensor fitted (I experienced some issues with my reservoir so I decided to install one).

    Loop is as follows:

    Koolance RP-452x2 v2 reservoir with 2x D5 vario pumps in series at max speed
    EK Supreme HF with 6th plate (the one with a fine line)
    2x EK GT980 blocks in parallel
    Alphacool 360 rad (normal width)
    EK 360 rad (double width)
    Back to reservoir.

    All is mounted with soft tubing, 19/13.

    When I was testing the resevoir and pumps alone I was able to get around 11.6 gal/min. Obviously this was with a short loop, no radiators or blocks, but I wanted to check that the reservoir configuration was fine.

    With the whole loop mounted I'm getting sometihg about 1.7 to 1.8 gal/min. To be honest I expected something more...

    Do you think this figures are ok? Maybe moving to hard tubing will help increase flow?

    Thanks guys!

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    you are supposed to run 1.2-1.5gpm so you should be fine.
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    You could cut the pumps back to 50% and still have plenty of flow. Play with pump speed. When temps begin to climb you found optimum pump speed.

    Blocks cause major restriction, that's how it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ballantin View Post
    Maybe moving to hard tubing will help increase flow?
    only way it would make much difference is if there was a change in the tightness of bends maybe removing 90 fittings for a gentler hard tube bend and i doubt you have any kinks do you?
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