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Thread: Ugliest autocascade ever built out of scrap years ago.

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    Ugliest autocascade ever built out of scrap years ago.

    I was too ashamed to show this pile of nonsense because it's so damn ugly, but here it is. Just a little backstory here, but my first autocascade I built back in early 2000 gathers dust and keeps getting stuff dropped on it in storage, so a few years ago I decided to make another out of junk I had left after I stopped doing this sort of thing. Recently I decided to make it even uglier and more powerful, so this is what it looks like now.

    I threw on a lot of extra fans to keep the Chinese compressor cool as I don't want a burnout. Been there with the cheap compressors, don't want to be there again. Just trying to see what using old/cheap compressors could accomplish without a good 2nd stage gas, properly insulated ISHX and a good powerful compressor might accomplish.

    Degrees are in celsius by the way.
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