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Thread: GTX1070 Vs GTX1080 or something else for Occulus?

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    GTX1070 Vs GTX1080 or something else for Occulus?

    Hello everyone!. It has been way too long but I am back! My oldest (now almost 19) is getting the Occulus and is not sure about what video card to get. He is a heavy gamer and wants the card to last, but I told him that it won't come cheap if he want to keep it for a few years. I went to GPU Review, but that site is over 2 years out of date and useless for new video cards. Does anyone have the Occulus, and if so, what card do you have/recommend?

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    1080Ti or 1080SLI

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    at the current pricing i would not buy a 1070. since they are the best per watt for mining with nvidia now they have a more inflated cost than the other ones. i would lean to ti since it is better bang for the buck, but it is also $800 vs $550.
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