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Thread: Need some water cooling advice.....

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    Need some water cooling advice.....

    I will soon be building a new com-fuzer. I have decided I am too stupid to figure out what is the best air cooling route to go, so I have decided to go with the smarter option of putting liquid inside my computer case.

    Now, AIO of course is an option. Not my prefered option. But a viable one.

    My second option is soft tube set up. Not as pretty (or pricey). But maybe easier on the beginner.

    The third option is hard line. Not the easiest route to take, but lots of options and of course much better aesthetically.

    My question has a few facets. Now, I am NOT a new to building computers. Been at it for 25+ years. I am pretty handy, but don't have access to huge amounts of tools. So....

    1) Am I biting off more than I can chew looking at a hardline set up?
    2) On a scale of 1 to 10 how much harder is a hardline set up?
    3) I know for bending, a heat gin is required, but I gave been considering a soldering station with a heat gun with it. Does anyone have any suggestions in that regard? If you use a heat gun, what brand?

    I am trying to get all my ducks in a row, as I now have lost the ability to simply hop in the truck and run to Lowe's... I sort of have to plan things out as best as I can.


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    i would not start with hard line. what are you looking to cool? are you going gpu and cpu or just cpu or what.
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    Are you generally good with your hands (making/fixing/modifying) OP? If you're generally handy, going hardline shouldn't be too difficult, just be sure to watch as many vids and read as many tutorials as you can before you start. I'd also look at as many W/C builds as my eyes could tolerate so as to get a general idea of how to set it up. Give us an idea of all you'd like to cool and we can try and point you in the right direction.

    Any heat gun will do, just keep it at a good distance and constantly moving so you don't burn the tube
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