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Thread: Need advice on setup with ground water cooling

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    Need advice on setup with ground water cooling

    Hey guys,

    My last PC had dual Reserator1 for a truly silent gaming, but that was over 10 years ago. Building a new rig in a new house now, and want to achieve the same near-silent setup. The problem: I'm in Cyprus and it's already +35C (95F) outside and will get worse in July/Aug. Passive heat dissipation inside the gaming room is actually not what I want.

    However, just outside I have an 11 meters (36') narrow water well for gardening. Ambient down there is stable around 12C (53F) through the year. I am thinking of a single closed loop going from the room straight down the well and back to the rig. In total it will be like 35 meters (38 yards) of tubing, CPU and GPU (1080Ti) waterblocks. The trick is that bulky garden pump is already submerged there, so I have to come up with a clever heat exchanger. I'm thinking of smth like this:

    The tubing goes down into the well, spirals around the garden pump, maximising the cold water contact square, and then goes up to the rig.

    Questions I'd like to get help with:
    - Is it viable setup overall?
    - Will standard DDC pump will be enough for 35 meters of tubing?
    - What kind of non-metal tubing will be flexible enough to form the decent spiral in 20cm (8") tube and survive the 24/7 contact with water?
    - It's unlikely but possible to go below freezing here in January, so I might get ice in the outdoor segment. Do you think I should be concerned?

    Intermediary heat exchanger is an option, however I'd like to keep the system as simple as possible.

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    You'll need a pump or pumps with more than 11m head pressure to overcome gravity just to get it out of the well.
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    Little Giant pump would work, it is also runs in very low temp.

    Head pressure is the issue, maybe two pumps for a very long run.

    Home depot and buy copper pipe to make heat exchanger that sits at the bottom of the well but...

    The run is long and will inherently lose temperature if it is not insulated. Thus making the well trip useless.

    Just build a box outside the wall where you are want to put the PC, put the radiator, fans and pumps in it.
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