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Thread: Driver bug on Windows Server 2016 with Samsung NVMe for SM951

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    Driver bug on Windows Server 2016 with Samsung NVMe for SM951

    The Samsung NVMe driver for SM951 NVMe is not working properly on Windows Server 2016 version 1607 (OS Build 14393.1066).

    I tried Samsung NVMe driver version 1.1, 2.1, and the latest 2.2 but they do not work properly.

    The write IOPS is way too low (it should be XX,XXX IOPS but I only get XXX IOPS).

    I tried the SM951 NVMe on Windows 10 and it works perfectly (I get the expected write IOPS). I also tried Samsung 950 Pro on Windows Server 2016 and it works perfectly.

    The SM951 does not deliver the proper IOPS under Windows Server 2016 due to Samsung NVMe driver not working properly (Poor write IOPS performance).

    I tried contacting Samsung

    I get a "The specified URL cannot be found." once I submitted a question form.

    Samsung SM951 NVMe under Windows Server 2016

    Samsung SM951 NVMe under Windows 10

    Samsung 950 Pro under Windows Server 2016

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    Try just using the Microsoft NVMe driver built into Windows. Just uninstall the Samsung driver and the Windows driver will load on the next boot. I haven't had an issue with Win 2016 and NVMe but I've only used the Intel NVMe and MS drivers.



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