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Thread: Nikon cancels DL compacts amid 'extraordinary' losses

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    Nikon cancels DL compacts amid 'extraordinary' losses

    Nikon has cancelled the DL series premium compact cameras it was hoping to pit against Sony and Panasonic. The lineup was supposed to launch in June of 2016, but was delayed due to problems with the electronics. Since then, its rivals have released new models (the RX100 Mark V and Panasonic DMC-LX10) putting the company significantly behind. Because of all that (and a soft market) Nikon thought the DL compacts weren't likely to be profitable.

    The lineup was supposed to feature three high-end models with 20.8-megapixel, 1-inch sensors: a DL18-50mm walking-around model (above), DL24-85m zoom and a DL24-500 superzoom (below). The DL24-85 model would have gone up against Sony's RX100 Mark V and the Panasonic DMC-LX10 while the DL24-500 would rival Sony's pricey RX10 III compact zooms.

    The news comes amid a lot of turmoil at Nikon, which is undergoing a "fundamental" restructuring. It also revealed today that it's shedding over 1,000 employees via voluntary retirement, and that it took an unexpected loss due to problems with its semiconductor lithography business. Overall all, its sales are down 8.2 percent over last year.

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    Instead of going with the new Sony sensor and doing a D910 42MP with the D5's AF system they focused on crap.
    Great decision-making Nikon!
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