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Thread: Are you competitive ???

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    Are you competitive ???

    We are coming to the time of year when a number of challenges are made to the WCG community. Although I prefer to think of our own challenge as more of an invite to all who knew Movieman and to any that wish they had known him to do their bit to further the efforts he made to get people crunching. Just giving some hours , days or even months of computer time in the hope of helping the scientific community make the next step in the quest to find treatments for various diseases.

    For some years now Seti Germany has run a challenge too which sets teams such as XtremeSystems the target of being the best crunching team around by counting points earned over a set period. To be the best we need the help of those of you who just crunch occasionally or who offer a few cores for a while.

    This year there is something new.... A challenge that is looking for the best teams but this time by counting the number of cores running from the latter part of October until almost Christmas.

    So I guess this is a challenge of sorts TO ALL YOU COMPETITIVE FOLKS OUT THERE... We need as many of you as possible to lend us your cores ...shed loads of cores ....old cores or new cores we don't care. If you can run it for a day, for a week or for the whole period October 21 to December 18. We want it all. (sys admins very welcome )

    I would like to think of Dave looking down saying "That put a smile on my face"

    Anyone who would like to help the team can PM Oj101 or myself to get more details on the secret plan and get as much setting up help as you need to make XtremeSystems WCG Team top these challenges

    Here's hoping to see a whole bunch of you join in


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    i'm in...

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    ready to rock!!

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    I guess I'll power up some more sleeping machines

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