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Thread: Cooling 3 R9 390's....

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    Cooling 3 R9 390's....

    Looking for some input/help with my cards. Currently have them on a Black Ice Stealth GT 360, dedicated loop, with a 355 pump, and push pull Geild fans. Using EK universal blocks, with a parallel bridge. During a gaming session (BF4) card temps will get to 80c. I'm thinking I need to do something with the fans (like get some that push over the current 52.4 cfm) Problem is, I have space issues in the top of the case, so slimline is gonna be a must.

    Current Fans:

    Current Rad:

    Was looking to go with these fans possibly :

    Or, do you think a diff rad, would be necessary?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Try serial gpu rig. The flow in any gpu bloks will be higher then in parallel .
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    yyea i think you would lower your first card temps then the second might be same as now, can you shoot a pic or two..

    sounds like a nice rig

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    hooly thread revival batman!

    I'm sure screwtech has figured this out since posting two years ago but I'd have recommended getting Noctua fans on the rad for more static pressure-maybe the higher RPM industrial models. Or ditch the front fans and run some 38mm thick server fans in a pull configuration. Sunon's and Panaflo's aren't as loud as they look. it's more important to be pulling air through the rad than it is to have a lot of CFM in free air, it's a radiator not a case fan..

    A 360 rad (especially a slim rad like a black ice) is a little undersized for three cards if you consider each GPU would only have a single 120mm rad worth of cooling area, so it needs all the airflow it can get.
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