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Thread: New DimasTech USA website ONLINE

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    New DimasTech USA website ONLINE

    Hello XS Users,

    DimasTech E-shop is finally online....from this moment all US/CANADA and South America user will be able to purchase directly from our US warehouse.

    we did implement 3 different language, english, spanish and portuguese, please if you feel there is some wrong traslation or wrong words, send us your feedback via the contact page, we will fix it as soon as we can...

    to celebrate the opening, we're giving 3 different discount code to our customers:

    This promo code will never expire:
    XSUSERS: fixed 5% discount on all orders of at least 100.00 USD value

    These promo codes will expire on 10/15/2014
    DTUSA: 10% discount on all orders of at least 100.00 USD value
    DTUSAVIP: 15% discount on all orders of at least 200.00 USD value

    please take care that discounts apply only to the Products, not to the shipment cost or to the related service.

    if you will register to our USA e-shop prior to the purchase, you will also get a 2% discount for being a registered customer, being a registered customer give you a private area for checking invoices and changing your shipping datas, using the Direct Line for Help Desk, and many other service related to be a Registered User.

    thanks you


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    Quote Originally Posted by chuchnit View Post
    Why do you always have to bring two sockets into everything?
    Quote Originally Posted by Movieman View Post
    Because a one socket system is only 1/2 a system..
    You got two balls don't you?
    I rest my case!

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    Thanks, even better with code!
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