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Thread: Intel Hates Cables, VR Edition: A Wireless VR Demo

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    Intel Hates Cables, VR Edition: A Wireless VR Demo,32534.html

    Back at IDF 2014, one of the big themes was killing cables. Between Rezence wireless charging, WiDi and WiGig, we were supposed to be wire-free by now (oh well), and Intel?s professed disdain for cables appears to extend to VR HMDs.

    In addition to the self-contained and therefore intrinsically wireless Project Alloy VR HMD, a group within Intel mocked up a Rift DK2 that used WiGig to stream the video content from a PC to the HMD with no cables. Like the VR vest we tried out, this is intended as a proof of concept.

    Long story short, it worked, with caveats.

    Intel is exploring enabling the untethering of Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays. We are at advanced stages of confirming our existing WiGig products can support the demanding needs of the VR usage, mainly the high frame rate and very low delay with concurrent support of peripherals.

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    Agreed cabling is an issue but wireless raises security concerns.
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