Threadripper is still good, but this year will be better :-) And next year better...

First, Ryzen 7 2700X as flagship for start (maybe 2800X coming later, summer or back to school time?)

-I like solid boost clocks and function aka "precision boost overdrive", this will be working only at X470. So at x470 at stock you can get a little higher score in multithreads tests. All depends on your cooling system, VID quality of the chip etc...

Second, the roadmap
tick-tock in AMD CPus. Seems, next year we will see really 7nm and AMD will be leadership in nanometers technology! Also new Threadrippers in HEDT segment

Third - the dominating in x86 desktop
Good plans, but really maybe realistic. 7nm and Ryzen/Threadripper 3000/4000 could have more cores I think