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Thread: Hardware Level Windows Stability and Speed Quide.

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    OLD And Dont use it- Hardware Level Windows Stability and Speed Quide.

    Yes you may need it too, in your case your work with cpu's and hw Works fine on Windows Xp and up to Windows 10
    Tools that you came for, are free for Xsystems and run on years. But first you have to read it.

    I build my self tool, whole big explain was written on microsoft and never used. Probably gone now, lots of abondon os are, and many more loses, back then one line of code was used on internet.
    Now you and me we goin to use maximum all 3 lines of codes, infact here are many more, as all in one file simply load into your registry.
    I will be checking this topic and makind fixes on this text and version update..

    File got Irg fixes and fast acess with priority, regular prioritys levels dont have much of stability or speed boost, but once is inserted you goin to have expirience.

    This tool got to do with IRQ LEVEL mapping, some supports, says up to Irg 16 -22-24-26-32. ext.
    You have option to edit reg file before you insert into registry, but you need to know for what your goin to use.
    I made for standard users, single CPU's, all maiboard are build and are same in IRQ's for home users
    Irq0- sistem timer. = Here is sistem timer, basicly mainbard clocks do happend
    Irq13 -Coprocessor. = Math Coprocessor is be added in 186-386 era then Irq13 became, fiew servers dont have Irq for math processors.
    Irq16 -Graphics card, and many more as shared Irq, Here you can edit and add your IRQnumber for what you need for stability or performance.

    For expirienced users.
    Some hardware is linked via same Irq then same is used 2-3 times to have acess for one device. Here errors do happend, is good to edit and add Irq level.

    You can simply check with edit file and add your Number what you need for, probably some 1gb~100gb networks ext.
    Irq's you may find inside windows system hardware.

    Update #1
    Once you mege into your Registry, for swiching Irq you need to enter and edit your windows Registry and find what you merge and edit your word.

    Update #2 in registry you find words these are in placed once you do Merge.

    For info you can go seek fo dword and edit for your own.
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet\Control\Prior ityControl]
    "IRQ13Priority"=dword:00000003; You can edit your registry and put other your Number as IRQ# You wish to use.
    "IRQ16Priority"=dword:00000002; You can edit your registry and put other your Number as IRQ# You wish to use.
    "IRQ0Priority"=dword:00000001; Most common and used anywhere.

    If your expirienced user, you will find ControlSet001 ControlSet002 ControlSet003 these are backups.

    Dont forget to restart you computer to make shure settings will apply.

    Update #3 I found this tech dont work properly on new windows with updates, may cause lag and crash.
    Anyway you may do something with it. Code lines works nice sometimes when you got good expirience from it, such as coprocessor aka mathprocessor speed UP. GL
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    Must be old news

    Who need or like more from Floating point unit aka Coprocessor, i create for you reg file
    But if you dont like or dont need, you may go into reg edit to do what you need.

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    When your in need smething better then your graphics you can add graphics reg priority into reg.
    But you can make shure first if your graphics is ON Irq16, usaly is, you need to check first on your device maneger.

    In rare cases both are used irq13 and irq16 in same time, used to get less crashes with errors. Yes your windows sometine can crash and then you need one of these.

    If your in need to get more then one reg priotity you need to make,
    seperation's 00000001 00000002 00000003

    in here [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Pr iorityControl]
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\PriorityControl]


    Ok who need IRQ16Priority only. You may download and install.

    Make shure you got clean PriorityControl's before inserts. You can find by name and delete words the ones you dont need.
    If you dont need that you may find words and delete what you enter.
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    Last known Update and good works that i gain with expirience is to put ONE IRQ into REG - as merge.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Pr iorityControl]
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\PriorityControl]

    It is written "IRQ13Priority"=dword:00000002
    - 13 is coprocessor for single cpu on mainboard
    - dword:00000002 is on second level 2 how prioritys are scaled

    Now this is telling to your cpu: tasks to FPU are not too fast on not too slow(now coz of second level=00000002)
    Im shure you be fine, enjoy
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