Asus has announced the Z170 Pro Gaming Aura motherboard.

Compatible with Intel's Skylake CPUs and DDR4 memory, the Z170 Pro Gaming Aura is a refresh of the original Pro Gaming ATX motherboard (see our review of the similar mini-ITX model in the range - the Z170i Pro Gaming).

The overall design, layout and power circuitry appear to be the same, although Asus has ditched the rather pointless SATA Express connector from the older board.

In its place come two new features. Firstly, the Z170 Pro Gaming Aura adds RGB lighting, which was absent on the original board. It doesn't looks as extensive as some boards we've seen recently, with just a strip of LEDs running down the right side of the board. At a glance it appears there's no RGB header either.

There is another addition, though, which is that the Z170 Pro Gaming Aura features the ability to fit 3D-printed parts onto the PCB - specifcally the M.2 slot, which you'll need to keep empty from the sounds of things.