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Thread: My Corsair Gaming Build

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    My Corsair Gaming Build

    Case: Corsair Air 540
    CPU: i7 4930
    MB: EVGA X79 Dark
    GPU: GTX 690
    Ram: 16GB GSkill Trident
    PSU: Corsair AX1200 w/custom blue sleeving
    Tubing: Monsoon Hardline
    Fittings: Monsoon Chaingun
    Res: XSPC 140 W/D5 pump
    Rads: 2x XSPC 280's
    Fans: 5x Corsair 140mm
    Fluid: Feaser 1

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    Not bad, not bad at all...
    I had this case prior to my current one and it served me well.
    I was able to cram a 360 RAD in the front with a little modding on the HD tray's.
    Other than that, I had no complaints with the case beyond it's footprint and the limitations that came from that in terms of desk placement.
    Great job btw.
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