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Thread: My friends, it seems I drew the short straw.

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    dayum, be nice to have a PC again that could do WCG again lol

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    Were just wrapping up a Sprint on PrimeGrid, has about an hour left...

    XS Rocks+

    04/25/2019 20:00 (UTC) - 04/28/2019 19:59 (UTC)
    We locked in 3rd against some very tough competition, this was mainly a GPU Sprint, so it was interesting to see what cards did best...

    Seems the 1660 ti is starting to show it's colors, the card ran very well....

    Just figured an FYI

    1 [H]ard|OCP - 25 - 386,925,666
    2 TeAm AnandTech - 18 - 274,078,756
    3 XtremeSystems - 15 - 193,465,867
    4 Crunching@EVGA - 12 - 142,529,819
    5 SETI.USA - 10 - 129,544,119
    6 SETI.Germany - 8 - 124,105,000
    7 - 6 - 77,028,290
    8 OcUK - Overclockers UK - 4 - 70,539,523
    9 BOINC@Poland - 2 - 66,113,160
    10 Gridcoin - 1 - 50,442,779
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    Posting this, I knowingly risk getting banned again.

    I was known by many here years back as phelan1777.

    Movieman, aka Dave and I talked many times over PM and via phone. Though I never met the man in person, I once asked his advice as I was dealing with a relationship issue. His advice which I remember many years later. 'You can go out for a burger one, or stay home and have steak every night'.

    He, in many ways was a father figure to many here being much younger at the time, less experienced in overclocking, computers, and life in general.

    I resigned up here to see if I could get a hold of him only to find out he passed away.

    I did not have much of a father figure nor did I seek such in him, but mentor of sorts he became.

    He always had a sense of humor in our conversations yet a conviction that caught my ADD attention.

    While I was not as close as many here, to him, he left a lasting impression on me and my perspective on life and relationships (friends and otherwise)

    Xtremesystems was home for me for a long time, (2006/7ish to 2009/2010?) taught me much of what I know about cooling, overclocking, computers and net community. None knew me outside of my posts here aside from Dave, but when I was active here I was dealing with personal issues that I did know realize were due to factors before I joined the site. (Car accident.)

    When I would act stupid, Dave would PM and try to guide me or offer advice. I didn't realize at the time, he meant well and I guess maybe saw something in me that I was unable to then. I can say similar things about only a few that I have met in my life to this point. (40 something ish old)

    If admin boot me again, (yes, I know forum policy), I understand. I just had to say my piece on a great man.

    Phelan1777 signing off.
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    David D. Hunt, 63
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    Today is both a sad day and a day of fond remembrance.

    You are still in our thoughts Movieman though you are no longer with us. The Good that you brought to so many of our lives was uplifting

    I also have a thought today for Dave's Mom (89 and still going strong I'm told) Feel the love Mom.
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    HOWDY!! 123bob checking into this thread. Yes, it has been sometime. I still recognize some of the names. For those I don't know, hello, you are on a very good team with a noble and worthwhile mission. I can personally attest to the effectiveness our work has brought directly to the area of chemo for cancer.

    I also think of Dave every time I boot the main rig I still use today. It has the dual Xeons that came from "somewhere" and are still running on the Supermicro board Dave recommended... This thing has been bulletproof.

    I was also one of the survivors of Dave's phone calls. Man, that dude could talk. But it was all good, and we got to know each other very well even though we were at opposite ends of the country. (I'm still in the Pac NW.)

    I hope this post finds all of you doing well. I had a few life crisis's to deal with, gradually lost a bunch of my farm rigs, fell in the standings, but I think that will be changing soon. I have found the Q6600 farm to be largely obsolete after my foray into the i7 stuff. I have not kept up to date on the latest, best performing crunching farm rigs, but I know I can find out with a couple of searches here.

    One fun thing that brings me back here is that my Daughter recently moved back in with me and brought "modern" computer gaming with her. I am floored by how much that has evolved since the days when I played the original Doom game back in about '92. It was the start of my addiction to FPS games, led to a bout of Civ, Civ2, Call of duty, Battlefield, etc, etc. She and I played COD against each other over my home network somewhere around 15 years ago. She regularly kicked my butt just using the "melee" tactic. Quite embarrassing for an ex-military dude to be slaughtered by a half pint... So I am on the forum looking for build advice on a gaming machine. Mind you, I'm not asking here, there are other parts of the forum for that.

    I am glad to see that my login still works. I had bought into what should have been a lifetime membership, some years ago, when the site owner had trouble funding it. (Fuggar?) Still good, and I have no idea who owns the site now. I am very pleased to see it is still here. I still remember how impossible I thought it would be to catch DDTung (Victor) in the standings, but a number of us did it.

    My best to all of you, and keep on crunching. It does really work. I'll be joining you back soon on the results page.

    Sincere Regards,
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    So great to hear from you again, my brother. Still remember me?


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    Quote Originally Posted by [XC] Oj101 View Post
    Charles, can we make Dave an XIP? Or Xtreme Legend? Something in his memory.
    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Wirth View Post
    Dave left us too soon to see the unlocked XEON's in the wild.
    I'm absolutely positive you missed this message, so just quoting it
    Nov 1 - Nov 8 Join Now!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jowy Atreides View Post
    Intel is about to get athlon'd
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    Quote Originally Posted by VietOZ View Post
    So great to hear from you again, my brother. Still remember me?

    I do Huey. Hope all is well with you and yours.
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