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Thread: Cooling Advice For Cosmos S 1000

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    Cooling Advice For Cosmos S 1000

    My setup is i7 3770 @ 4.5 r9 280 and 7970 lightning running cf @ stock speeds. 3770 is cooled with cooler master eisberg. radiator placed at top and 2 fans blowing out of the case. Another fan at the back of cpu blows out too. Just one fand blows in air which i s placed at the bottom. Need advice for cooling especially the gpu's. 280 hits 95 - 96 degrees

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    I ended up putting a 120mm fan directly to my 4870x2 that was restarting my rig because of high temps. The lower part of the case has some cooling issues IMO. What i did solved the temp problems i had, but it was a design flaw on the card as well i think.

    The cosmos S has bays all the way to the top of the case, right? YOu might be able to put in some more intake fans there, and route the airflow if those bays are empty.

    Pics would be helpful so we can see how it stands right now.
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