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Thread: Getting SLI Palit Jetstream GTX 970s

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    Getting SLI Palit Jetstream GTX 970s

    I was going to skip this generation of GPUs, but these were on a today only at scan, and I also saw that they have 3x displayport connectors on them which I wanted for future surround monitors, and they were quite a bit cheaper than the Gigabyte G1 version:

    I changed my mind again lol.

    I saw the Gigabyte Windforce OCs (Not G1s) For ?275 each:

    I have a pair of those dispatched now.

    Wont need to pay extra for mini DP to DP cables with those, and they were the lowest priced custom cooled ones with 3 display ports.
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    I was going to skip this one too but they had the standard Palit blowers on todayonly for ?248 and bitcoin went up so I couldn't resist .

    Definitely 90% silicon lottery with the 970's, this time I lucked out. Currently mining at 106% power limit +250/+500 (1520/8000), and no coil whine at all. Watercooled gpu only (35c max) with a 70mm slim fan over the pwm heatsink (which is huge on these blower cards, full double slot height). Asic quality 80.7%. Not going to bother modding the bios or flashing to the Jetstream bios, no need. Second card is tempting me but I'm still on 1080p. Theres always DSR I spose :P

    How are you getting on with the G1s?



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