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Thread: 5820k stable 4.7ghz @ 1.32v, can't get 4.8 even at 1.45v

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    5820k stable 4.7ghz @ 1.32v, can't get 4.8 even at 1.45v

    This is a bit strange to me. I just built a Haswell E system, mainly for video encoding and gaming, based around a 5820k on a X99-Deluxe. I am coming from a 3770k @ 5ghz so I want to make sure I at least match the single-threaded performance of that.

    I seem to have a very good chip on my first try - 4.7ghz at only 1.32v is x264 and ibt stable. Temps are outstanding on my koolance 380i system. No matter what I do though I cannot hit 4.8ghz (which is where I really want to be!).

    This is what I have tried:

    1.45 vcore
    2.1 input voltage
    100mhz strap
    LLC level 8
    1.0v system agent
    1.5v pch i/o
    1.05 vccio pch
    1.225 cpu cache voltage
    1.05 pch core voltage

    Any ideas? The bsods I get most typically are 0124, which usually means vcore I thought. But it just seems like way too large of a bump for 100mhz.
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    not very familiar with new platform but seems its your chip. as many perform so good at 4.5ghz with so little vcore. so we think its a very good chip but as u push little higher like 100mhz from 4.6ghz or 4.7ghz you need insane vcore despite not stable with any volts.
    you need diff chip to try with.
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    Cache Voltage set - 1.3v
    Also try via the 125x cpu strap.. sometimes that is more stable
    Also what us your Transmitter CLK de-emphasis set to ? try 1.15v

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    What its your Cache OC?

    It could be too high or not enough voltage for it,

    also if you have asus mobo go to DIGI+ and set cpu current to at least 120% or 130% just to be sure.
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    I am in the same boat with my Asus R5E. 4.7 GHz on a 5820K 6/12 runs 3D CPU benches. CPU temp maxes out at 62C. More volts to the CPU, still can't get more speed out of it.

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    For 100 strap, disable ALL power saving features: C-State, Speedstep, SVID, EPU, etc. drop your VCCIN voltage down to 1.95v, drop cache/uncore multiplier down to 25 to 30x for now, leave ram setting at DDR2400. Run it again at 4.8ghz start from 1.40v and slowly bump up 0.01v till you find stability, stay max at 1.45v on vcore if I were you, be a shame if your lottery chip got fried.
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    Agreed try strap first and keep disabling if poss.

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