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Thread: MSI nabbed 6 WRs on the Haswell-E launch

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    MSI nabbed 6 WRs on the Haswell-E launch

    The MSI X99S XPOWER AC, one of MSI?s new Intel X99 based OC motherboards, just obliterated the Cinebench R15 world record for the Intel Core i7 5960X processor by scoring a staggering 2314 points while all 8 cores were running at an amazing 5931.02 MHz clock speed, which is almost 200 MHz higher than any other X99 motherboard currently on the market. Furthermore, X99S XPOWER AC broke the world records of wPrime and could reach the CPU speed as 6354.9 MHz. MSI?s complete X99 line up is capable of breaking world records with the X99S SLI PLUS already breaking 3 different records such as SuperPi and PiFast. It shows that the MSI X99S SLI PLUS motherboard is not only packed with an arsenal of features, it also packs plenty of power for heavy workstation tasks such as rendering and calculations...


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    What I know, the Cinebenchs and wprime are not ture now. Look at hwbot.
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    Claiming WR's for SuperPi 1M, SuperPi 32M and PiFast are kind of funny also.

    The Cinebench and WPrime scores were legit though, looks like a strong board offering from MSI.
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    They bundle oc backplate & die guard plate for delided CPU.
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