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    Attitude One Rapira One


    The landscape of peripherals is vast with many manufacturers all competing in the same space.Attitude One are a fairly unknown company, having only been founded in 2011.Already they have large array of items available for the gamers out there.Today i look at their new Rapira One gaming mouse to find out if it can tickle our gaming sweet spot.

    Before we have a closer look let's take a peek at the specifications and a quick world on what Attitude One has to say about the Rapira One.

    Packaging & Contents

    As you can see, the A1 Rapira One come in a brightly designed box, you can't miss a bright orange box among the crowd and this would definitely stand out at retail.It takes a minimalistic approach with a large image of the product against a orange background while the product name and company branding is present in opposing corners.Around the back we have more feature details such as the super wide teflon feet,7 programmabele buttons and 4 level adjustable DPI switch.

    The top is a large magnetic flap that opens to reveal a window inside showing the product.

    You are not getting a particularly impressive bunch of accessories.You will find a simple manual and some extra feet.

    The Mouse

    Even with the addition of side-mounted finger cushions, the whole surface is still covered with a lovely soft rubber.It is a great design and beyond being comfortable under the finger, it doesn't show up grime and dirt anywhere near as much as hard plastic shells.

    The wheel is soft, while the click gives out a good feedback and feeling.

    Two DPI adjusters.

    The side finger grooves have space for a little and ring finger and fit my hand pretty snugly.

    On the right hand side we get a closer look at the ergonomic layout seeing our finger holder and we can also see the rubberised anti-slip grip.

    On the left side of the Rapira One are the forward and backward buttons that can also be bound in-game to wield your favourite weapon and again the rubberised anti-slip grip.Taking a look from the back and we can see the Attitude One logo and the ergonomic design.The Rapira One illuminates due to the built in LED.The blue LED used add a very nice ambient while gaming in the dark.

    The cable is braided and features a gold plated USB connector.While that doesn't do much for it beyond looking fancy, gold is more durable than the usual nickel plating, so if you are often changing USB port or going back and forth to LANs, you might see some benefit.The connector is quite big which might be a problem if you wan to use it with some USB ports, but it is also useful because you can spot it quickly if you need to unplug it.The cable is 2.0m long and it is fully sleeved with black material, which gives a good look and makes the cable stiffer.

    Looking at the bottom of the mouse we have all the FCC logos, model number and of course the DPI Avago Optical Sensor.

    The back of the mouse features four contact points with wide teflon feet which allow it to operate on any kind of surface.

    This mouse have ON/OFF switch.


    The new Rapira One is a Plug & Play mouse, but you will have to install Attitude One's software if you want to customize it.You can download the software directly from the Attitude One's website.The first tab, called the "Main Control", allows you to customize every single button on the mouse and save those settings in four different profiles.

    The second one, called the "Advanced Settings",allows you to modify stuff like the X and Y axis sensitivity,polling rate and much more.


    As with all mice, i’d recommend you try them out yourself before you buy them. However, that’s not necessarily easy to do, so through diligent testing of multiple games, through hours of general usage and in some complicated, real-world scenarios like photo editing,i’ll take into consideration everything from accuracy, to speed and comfort and let you know what i think–it’s all important when it comes to buying a new rodent.
    When it came to the performance of the A1 Rapira One, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.I’ve had other mice around the 40 Euro's price range that were just garbage, cheap and didn’t perform well at all.While the design of the Rapira One is something I was not accustomed to using, after a few minutes it worked out well for me.The ergonomic design is one that will take some time to get used to but for me it had it’s advantages.Having quite big hands, the Rapira's One size is pretty much suited to my regular grip.The Rapira One itself isn’t ergonomic and is suitable for right handed gamers only but overall,I had no issues with cramping or irritation when using the Rapira One during gaming.Taking a look at the actual performance and I tested out the Rapira One for browsing the web.In terms of everyday performance it held up well, all the buttons click nicely and don’t leave you feeling like the mouse is going to fall apart after a short period of time.The buttons by the thumb that allow you to navigate forward and backwards through webpages are always helpful and the scroll wheel is nice and responsive.

    With gaming, the Rapira One performed very well indeed.Its high sensitivity makes it perfect for high speed, twitch based gaming where that shaved millisecond of reaction time can make all the difference.I tried the mouse with Battlefield 4 and CS:GO and was not let down at all.Being able to change the DPI on the fly as they say is an amazing feature which while becoming more common can mean life or death in the heat of battle!The A1 Rapira One performed as well as I could have asked for, especially considering the price.Titanfall is a twitch shooter by nature and for those that haven’t played, it’s extremely fast paced both in combat and the game ‘parkour’ elements.Due to fairly pare back nature of the game I got up and running with a DPI of 2200 and never looked back with the Rapira One.With grenades and my ‘Titanfall’ assigned to the side buttons everything felt at ease and I didn’t feel at a disadvantage at all.Panning and tracking across the semi-abrasive surface of my mouse pad was great.The Rapira One having great glide and feeling extremely responsive.


    So having had the opportunity to literally grab hold of the A1 Rapira One and use it for the best part of a week, how did it make me feel? Is it up to my usually high standards of gaming peripherals or does it fall short of the mark?Well starting with the performance,the Rapira One,sports the Avago optical sensor which used to be the industry standard for gaming mice a few years ago.This is one of the best optical sensors you are going to get and to see it on such a so called budget gaming mouse,was exciting.With a fairly accurate sensor which used with my mouse pad,I was relatively happy with the Rapira One.I certainly had no issues playing a ton of League with the mouse.Touching on the design, I do like the sleek and smooth looks of the Rapira One and feel it is one of the better looking gaming mice on the market.It’s all black design makes the Rapira One rather desirable in my opinion.

    I did persevere and found the Rapira One a very comfortable mouse to use and ultimately, can see that there are certainly benefits to palm gripping, like added wrist support.The mouse itself is great from hardware through software, performance and build quality.Overall the A1 Rapira One is a top performer in its price range and if you are in the market for a budget gaming mouse then the Rapira One is definitely worthy of a place on your comparison list.For 38 Euro's you’re getting an out and out gaming mouse that pulls no punches and should be ideal for anyone with a strong interest in FPS games but not limited to them.

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    I just saw this mouse and thanks for your kind review. I originally thought this was a Mionix rip-off but that's okay since they make really high quality input devices these days compared to anything made by Razer Corp.

    Good to see a small company punch above it's weight when it comes to developing a decent mouse.



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