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Thread: Phone recommendation

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    Phone recommendation


    I wanted to gift a phone to someone who has specific needs. The phone should not be too big (there is no hard constraint, but let's say around 4 x 2.25 inches +- a little). This person really does not like the modern bulky phones (thinks my Moto X is too bulky). Anyway, and the phone must be unlocked (they are traveling to Europe shortly and this is a parting gift). I would like it to be around $100 (again, not a hard constraint). Hopefully the latest Android I can find on one, but Windows 8 is fine as well. What is the best I can do? All small phones that I am able to find have pretty slow processors. Anything with a good processor seems to have a huge screen size.

    Thanks in advance.

    I was looking at Nokia Lumia 520, but I cannot find a decent deal on an unlocked Lumia 520.

    Also looking at Sony Xperia E C1504
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